Mathilde Ramond

Mathilde Ramond

Mathilde Ramond is a French student whose ambition is to work in culture and events. To further her English and gain valuable work experience, she has just finished an internship at Portico.

Mathilde has been in England for two months, and one of her objectives was to lead the development of the March 2019 exhibition celebrating International Women’s Day. Mathilde has been working with Jan Grasty OBE (previous President of UN Women UK National Committee) to develop the exhibition which will feature female artists from throughout the UK. Mathilde was surprised at the freedom of expression in terms of dress and fashion exhibited by British women. She has been thrilled to have the opportunity to promote female equality to be free and strong.

Mathilde visited the Tate Modern’s Picasso’s exhibition and National Portrait Gallery where she followed a challenging and fascinating description of Blanchet’s portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie as well as the history of the Jacobite cause and famous battles!

Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit” Jawaharlal Nehru.

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